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Idk I like cats I guess

Idk I like cats I guess

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Starting from now, this blog will officially go on permanent hyatus.


I started this blog with the intent of collecting resources and translating them in my language, but soon enough I ended up getting interested in the truscum vs identity brigade debate.

At first I didn’t understand the point behind truscum blogs. I had left toxic spaces full of trans elitists before, and I mistakenly thought that these blogger were doing exactly the same thing.

However, the more I read their blogs expecting to get angry at them, the more I started to realize that they actually had good points. Reading their posts opened my eyes to the fact that people were actually latching to the “trans” label as a fad, much like what happened to self-harm and teenagers who glorified it and glorified illnesses such as depression and used them as a fad to be edgy and “different”.

I became at first a supporter, because I was uncomfortable with the idea of adopting the label even if I did agree with the basic idea (honestly, before tumblr I thought that everyone who “identified” as trans did so because they had dysphoria, because it just didn’t cross my mind that someone could actually claim to be transsexual despite not having the defining symptoms of G.I.D.), and later I came to accept the label because there was no point in hiding behind a pretense of neutrality when I was sure I agreed with most of the points that were brought up.

It’s been frustrating, because having to deal with people who seem to have zero reading comprehension and repeating things ad nauseam gets rather annoying, but overall it’s been a very positive esperience for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find a supportive community, and I got to know some pretty cool individuals.

Trust me, if I’m leaving this blog it has nothing to do with you guys (and gals and peeps in general).

It’s just that this whole truscum thing is rather time-consuming, I have to constantly restrain myself and tone everything down, to try and set a good example and show that I’m not just some asshole who wants to rant angrily and is needlessly rude to people, and this takes quite an amount of self-control for me. I have to look up sources whenever I want to make a serious point, and this takes time. I end up getting involved into arguments, and while I do like debates they require me to spend quite a bit of work on them because I have to be careful of how it’s worded, check that what I want to say is understandable, check that I didn’t make any glaring grammatical error, try to ensure that I wasn’t too sarcastic in my reply, etc.

I just will not have the time nor the patience for all this from now on. Until now I’ve been pretty much stuck at my parents’ home, jobless (thanks to this shitty economy), unable to pursue higher education (too expensive) and basically with too much time on my hands and no motivation to do anything particularly productive. Now that I’m trying to move abroad, I will have less time to derp around, and honestly I want to use that time to relax and sure, I can and still will talk about my own experience, but I don’t want to waste so much time arguing with people who can’t seem to have basic reading comprehension and constantly walking on eggshells to try and avoid offending anyone in the process.

I am taking away my “about” page and the page about my views because 1) I don’t want to have personal stuff in a place I will no longer monitor, and 2) because gods know that view can change over time, and leaving my current opinions here as if they are my “final word” when for all I know I could convert and decide to become a Buddhist monk in the future (I’m being absurd on purpose, it’s to make an example), well it just seems so very limiting. I am not the same person I was two years ago, and who knows, moving away might change me more than I expect and I will no longer be the same person I am now.

As for the moment, my views have not changed, and I mean in general. As for my views on transsexuality, I still view it as a medical condition and I still support the trans medicalist view, I just do not wish to continue to be involved in the truscum movement because I don’t think I can be as invested in it as I’ve been until now.

I want to focus on other things. I will move to another blog, too. I’m not linking it here, but if you wish to follow me there, just send me an ask or a fan mail and I will give you the link.

I will also be unfollowing some blogs, mainly because I don’t want to be tempted to get involved into discussing about this whole topic again, so please don’t be offended it’s nothing personal! If you have another blog less focused on truscum things and more on personal stuff, even trans related stuff, you can link it to me and I can follow you there instead.

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I’m going to be unfollowing some blogs here, mainly those who are strictly/mainly focused on social justice things and especially truscum stuff. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I cannot be as invested in these topics as I was before. 

If anyone has a more personal blog that they would like me to follow, feel free to send me the link and I will gladly do so. Transition-related blogs are also fine, as long as they aren’t strictly truscum-related.

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"Gender Dysphoria is not a life-hindering medical condition!"

"Transsexuality is not a medical condition!!!"

"It’s no longer G.I.D. it’s Gender Dysphoria which is not a medical condition like before!!!"

"You can’t compare transsexuality with disabilities!!!"


Oh look, seems like my transsexualism (along with my bipolar disorder) is legally recognized as a medical condition AND a disabling condition. 

Gee I wonder who I should believe now, if some kid on tumblr or the entire commission who examined my whole fucking medical documentation.

Such a difficult dilemma. 

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That’s what men do, they look at a woman protecting her boundaries and they think “she’s fucking me over, she’s limiting me, she’s keeping me out”.

It’s not about you, you self obsessed entitled pissfrog. It’s about our boundaries and being safe. It’s about us keeping ourselves safe from violation and harm and abuse.

Says the person part of a group who

- Protects rapists and abusers and denies everything while there are numerous claims and posts about their behaviour and actions.. and they admit to enjoying abusing/alienating/trolling people in their own posts.

- Posts gender dysphoria triggering posts in the ftm and trans man tags frequented by young afab trans people. Considering your whole group harasses all AFAB people (not even just truscum) in general in their own blogs and tags, you have no right to speak about ‘boundaries’.

- Use misogynist slurs to insult someone… while talking about transmisogyny.

- Wish death on all AFAB trans people. And it’s not a ‘coping mechanism’ or ‘venting’. Like, wishing someone’s parents find him dead dangling from a rope, when all he did is reblog his own opinion about a post you made.

- Accuse people as being rapist or probable rapist without any form of proof just because they reblogged something in a discussion or follow blogs.

- Giving out personal information (doxxing) of people who simply refused to unfollow you, leaving them open to danger. Despite there being numerous options for blocking them.

- Shrimpdick isn’t making trans men ‘angry about penis’, it’s triggering their gender dysphoria. Not even going to bother with sourcing this since a single visit to a baeddel-url gives you 100 examples. Ok, maybe one. Or two.

- Saying trans men choose to be trans.

You shouldn’t really say anything about boundaries or harassment when you’re very good at abusing and harassing people yourself. Your whole group comes to someone’s ask-box with triggering and hateful messages if you’ve called a baeddel out on transphobia. Other baeddels openly talk about how they miss abusing AFAB people.

Following someone on Tumblr is not rape. Refusing to unfollow is not rape or harassment. Telling someone to kill themselves, hang themselves, trigger their gender dysphoria, giving out their IP and address and sending your followers at them to do the same? That is harassment.

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